Our Mission

To educate, rebuild, regenerate and perpetuate the Hawaiian Culture by setting the example to uphold the traditions and values set forth by the kupuna of native Hawaiian peoples. To assist the relocated mainland native population in sustaining and maintaining their heritage through music, dance, arts and crafts, `olelo (language), historical education, agriculture and cultural activities. The foundation maintains its integrity through the Christian belief, and that the spirit of “Aloha” stands for honor, love, righteousness and respect.


About Us

The Manaleo Hawaiian Cultural Foundation, a California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was started in April 2007. The Manaleo Hawaiian music group members Jerry “Kani” Gillgren and Keoki Cortez decided to take their efforts to a different level by helping the native Hawaiian people and their ‘ohana (family).

The Manaleo Hawaiian Cultural Foundation was designed to help educate and regenerate the culture within our the Northern California region, where a rising number of native Hawaiian people have migrated in order to survive in the struggling economic climate of their native islands.

Today’s census of native Hawaiians living on the mainland has increased exponentially. As a result, children are being born here into native families creating a whole new generation that do not get to experience the values, heritage, history and customs that they normally would in Hawaii. That is where Manaleo hopes to help.

We strive to bring the Hawaiian culture to families by putting together various workshops, festivals, programs and scholarships. Through these activities the foundation shows the rich and diverse customs, arts, crafts, music, language and heritage that are essential to the survival of the Hawaiian people.

Anyone who has visited the Hawaiian islands has experienced the magic of the land and the people enough to know that there is something very special, unique and beautiful about this most incredible place on earth. Won’t you please assist us with our cause and our vision.

Mahalo nui loa,

The Manaleo Hawaiian Cultural Foundation